Staff / Board / Committees

Artist: Alexis DoironArtist: Alexis Doiron Staff

Susan Hanrahan
Executive Director

Julie Rosvall
Program Coordinator

Trina Annand
Member Services Coordinator

Andrea Saint-Pierre
Designer Craft Shop Manager

Catherine Beck

Craft Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Deborah Wheeler

Jeffrey Cowling
First Vice President

Joshua Touesnard

Elizabeth Kinghorne

Elizabethy Goluch
2nd Vice President

Lynda Constantine
3rd Vice President

Wilma Butts

Candice Prior

Anne Pryde

Craft Nova Scotia Committees

Communications Committee

Sally Erskine Doucette

Development Committee

Too many volunteers to list

Exhibitions Committee

Candice Prior – Chair
Nancy Boyne
Sandy Leim
Jacqueline Steudler
Laurie Swim

Jackie Mackay Library Collection Committee

Lesley Armstrong
Gwen Mackay
Beverley McInnes
Nancy Stevens

Market Advisory Committee

Lynda Constantine – Chair
Anne Bastedo
Margaret Boyle
Michael Christie
Lynda Constantine
Katrina Fleming
Sanna Rahola

Standards Committee

Jeffrey Cowling (woodworking)
Frances Dorsey (fibre)
Elizabeth Goluch (metal/jewellery) – Chair
Steven Kennard (woodturning, photography)
Kay Stanfield (visual art)
Deborah Wheeler (clay)